Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

PPC Marketing

Our PPC experts work by analyzing your business goals. We analysize your account regularly, filter keywords & more for successful PPC Campaign. We planned PPC Campaign based on your budget, need & goals. Our work process involves the following steps:
  • Market Research & Analysis - Complete Market Analysis & Industry Research
  • Website Analysis - Detailed Website Analysis, Product Analysis, Onsite Recommendation & More.
  • Target Area Marketing - Understanding business targeted area, implementing ad strategies & technologies for target areas.
  • Keyword Research - In-depth Keyword Research, Competitor keywords analysis, Analyzing Converting keywords & more.
  • Ad Copy Creation & Testing - Creation of converting ad copies, ad A/B testing, ad tweaking & more.
  • Campaign Structure - Complete campaign design, setup, management & more. Creating & designing of adgroups, keywords, ad copies & more.
  • Bid Management - Assigning appropriate CPC bid, filter of unwanted keywords, bid adjustment & management to give you the best ROI.
  • Improving CTR & reducing overall ad cost & budget management
  • Campaign monitoring & management to run campaign effectively for overall campaign success.
  • Conversion tracking implementation, assistance & landing page optimization
  • Complete campaign support & reporting.


We are experts in online advertising. Our team is ready to help you get the competitive advantage by creating video adverts that will increase your brand's presence.
Turn your valuable 'potential customers' into 'loyal customers'. Our team of professionals will help you re-engage users who have expressed an interest by developing a strategy that will meet all your needs.
Need to generate awareness about your brand, product or service? We'll develop a social advertising strategy aimed to meet KPIs and your targets.
We offer individual display marketing strategies to increase brand exposure, engagement and conversions. We successfully manage both direct response campaigns and brand awareness campaigns.


PPC also known as Pay Per Click, is an internet marketing advertising model in which advertising cost is based on qualifying clicks, which means the advertising payment solely depends on the clicks. These are the ads which appear at the top & on the right side of Search Engine Result Pages. In PPC advertising model, advertisers bid on keywords for which they want their ad to appear. Depending on the competition, popularity & search volume of those keywords advertisers need to adjust their bid. Advertising cost in PPC depends on Keyword Bid & Clicks received on the particular ad.